DDk want to play and improve

Hey there! I would like to play some teachings games. Live would be nice, but I’m ok with correspondence. My currently rank is 17k but I have only played three games here, I know the rules and some basics stuff (have played very casual games with some friends before) so I would say I’m lower than 20k.
I’m truly fascinated with this game, i want to play and get stronger, so I would like to play regularly. (maybe once a week?). Any advice about study tips during reviews or games it’s also appreciated.

I’m happy to play and review later (or even during the game). Correspondence only though. I’m currently 8k, but strongly doubt that ranking. So in case you are really 17k, I might not really be strong enough to teach you that much. But you are doubting you rank too it seems. :slight_smile:

Anyway, feel free to send me a challenge if you like, preferably with fischer time up to 1 week. (I usually play quickly but hate to get in trouble in the rare cases when I’m off for a few days.)