Deadline in correspondance game

Is it possible to create a sort of ultimate deadline in correspondance games, especially for tournament ?
I understand the need and interest of a correspondance games, i like them, but sometimes and especially during a tournament this may be a bit to far and some games are soooooo long to finish. Some tournaments are stuck because of that. It is the internet age and 3 to 7 !!! days to play a stone is a bit medieval. We are not using the poney express anymore. You can play with you mobile or tablet while being mobile. Would it be possible at least for the tournaments to install a sort of ultimate deadline for each turns ?

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When you agree to play a game with fischer 3d+1d/move time, what do you expect?
You can choose quicker time settings like 1d+12h/move, if you want, and you can avoid games that are as slow as 3d+1d/move.
What kind of ultimate deadline do you want? Like, 3d+1d/move, but the opponent has to move within 12 hours?
That would be the same as 0+12h/move(edit: actually 12h+12h/move).
If title tournaments had quicker time settings, they might be too quick for busy people (edit: or simply too quick for people who like to think a few days about a move sometimes).

No i meant, let’s say a tournament start the 1st of february, games of first round must be concluded the 1st of march. You keep the 3d+1d at the start but there is an ultimate deadline for the game. I understant it may seeems strange but it is not worst than a tournament stuck because it takes 6 month to conclude a game.

It could be some sort of option available for the tournament creator and everybody signing in would be aware of the timeline of the round

What should happen if the game times out in this way, should it be counted as a win for player who made the last move?
Then it would be possible to exploit the time setting.
A player might wait 2 seconds before the ultimate deadline, then enter his move, and the other player will lose on time-out.
Maybe the game could be counted as a win for the player who used less time overall.
But that’s still not optimal, it could reward a player for playing slower, to drag the end of the game beyond the deadline, when his opponent played even slower in the beginning.

You should use the absolute time clock for this sort of thing. If you want a tournament to last at most a month (30 days), set the clock to have 15 days per player on it.


Absolute time settings might be the best way (why didn’t I think of it!). Still, at least when area scoring is used, a player could play a lot of worthless moves to try to make the opponent lose on time. I think absolute time settings and go just don’t fit.

I understand that my question is a bit strange. I wanted just to try to find a sort a way to make the tournament more ‘alive’. Some are really dragging and i’m sure some players may lose interest or lose the excitation we all have when the games of the first round begin.

Good idea in case of time out winner by less time overall

I see the problem, it’s frustrating if a tournament doesn’t end just because two players play as slow as possible (using all their vacation days, just to make you suffer!). But I see no good solution. With the “winner by less time overall” rule, there is also still the same weakness as with absolute time settings, that a player might play useless moves to try to make his opponent time out.