Defending against monkey jump near the corner

Recently, my opponents brought the monkey jump to my attention, and I am not yet used to properly defending against it.

In the game linked below, the monkey jump was close to a corner. Apart from the fact that I should have protected my corner earlier, could I have done much better than I did with limiting the damage after the fact?

I might have played B3, B4, B2 which is slightly better, but is this all?

Hello @esmeyny,

I’m not strong enough to give you any recommendations, but until better players than me reply here, you might find helpful. More links in that article.


Here you go.

Basically, white played an endgame move in the middle game. The correct answer was to ignore it and play something bigger. But I’ve included an alternative for the local situation too. See here for more:


Thanks a lot. Your review was very instructive and taught me several important things.

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