Demo board capturing bug


In demo board, when you fill all the liberties of a stone, that captured stone doesn’t disappear from the board

If confirmed and not already fixed, I can open an issue on github :slight_smile:

Well, since I have no life and nothing better to do :smiley: I just checked and it seems to work just fine for me. Curious.

However, if it is happening to you I am sure people who understand it would appreciate if you could add some more info (which browser, OS, etc.) Sounds like a fun little bug :slight_smile:

I got curious as well but can’t replicate that bug dunno if :slight_smile: or :frowning:

So, here is the github issue:


Oh and since the bug appears on a demo board.

If you join it, how do you see it ?


I see it it is so cute! :smiley:

And now I can replicate it as well, it seems it is only possible without the “alternating” stones tool but rather with the one color option

ahhhhh, you’re right… Nice catch :slight_smile: I’ll add it to the bug report :slight_smile:

Mine’s cuter :stuck_out_tongue:

The one-color stone tool is for making stone placements on the board, for purposes like setting up tsumego or tewari analysis. It is not a move tool. Use the alternating stones tool to put moves down.
The fact that only a move leads to capture is by design.

So this is not a bug.

The placement tool is still odd in that every stone placed creates a new tree node. With other tools like the CGoban3 editor, when you place 30 stones to make a tsumego, you have one new node to click on. Some feature request should be made to get a similar effect in the OGS editor, but I’m not sure how it should work in the end :slight_smile:

Definitely been requested, and it’s on the “TODO” list, I plan on getting to it as I address a number of teaching and review tool improvements - unless someone wants to jump in and do it before then :slight_smile:

Well sureeee, I guess, but still it seems kind of weird to me that one is able to create nonsensical positions. I don’t see the benefit of that. While in fact I can see how it could be usefull if it worked as we expected it to…

That’s actually an sgf thing:

Making a move is like making a move in a real game, i.e. you can only make moves on empty intersections, you can only make one move per turn (here: per node) and you may take some prisoners by making a move. In most applications the current move is highlighted.

Placing a stone on the board is like setting up a position, e.g. handicap stones, setting up a problem or analysis of positions (“this would work if the position over there would look like this…”). Thus one can place more than one stone, stones of different colors, remove stones, replace stones with that of the opposite color all in one node.
But: there are no prisoners made as these are not regular moves!
(sgf4 user guide (archived))

So if the demo board would capture on placing, it would actually be incompatible with other sgf editors.

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