Desk. Notification keeps announcing same game

I keep getting the desktop notifications about the same game, where it has been my move for a day or more.

I’m thinking if there are no state changes, it shouldn’t keep popping up. I get a popup that its my move, go to OGS and find its just the same game (because honestly who can remember game ID numbers?) It is very frustrating, had to just turn off desktop notifications.

Totally useless if it doesn’t remember what its already notified you about

We will be improving desktop notifications a bit in the near future but I believe this might be related to an issue we’ve been trying to track down where we’ll actually end up reconnecting every once in a while for various reasons. Typically this happens to me on my laptop when I resume it from sleep… a full refresh of the browser tab (Control-Shift-R) usually clears it up for me… we’re still trying to track down the source of the frequent reconnects though.