Destkop notifications fade time is never saved in the settings

Hi there,

When I go to settings and I want to change my Desktop notification fade time (I actually want them to never fade), the settings are never saved. Of course I click the “Update Preferences” button and I even get a confirmation that my data has been saved, but as soon as I reload the settings page, the notification time is set to 10 seconds again. Also, when I really get a notification, it shows only very short (didn’t check yet, if it’s really 10 seconds).
The other checkboxes in the notification options area are, however, saved properly.

I’m using FF 35.0.1 and Win 8.1. Is there something wrong on my side? Does anyone else have the same problem? Is there any suggestions (maybe from the devs) how to solve that problem?

Thanks for any support.

Hey michiha, we’re looking into this.