Detailed Review: Potential4Life [22k] vs. alecstan [20k]

Hello people!

The other day I saw a game between @Potential4Life and @alecstan on the forum: Stupid Reading Mistake! Help Wanted :D I thought it would be interesting to do another detailed review, since both players missed a couple of chances in the game. Here’s the review:

I was much encouraged after the success of the first review, and although I procrastinated a few times (just like what I did in high school :wink:) I managed to finish it! Again, additions and corrections are welcome :smile: I tried my best to cover most of the variations, but there still might be some errors…

P.S. @mark5000: Good luck with your exam man. Your reviews inspire me a lot :smiley:


Great read! I went through all of it. Very instructive.