Did I win this game (and not realize it)?

So the game appears over, I’m half a point behind. I look for all possible ways to get that extra point and cannot find any. So I pass, game over. Then the AI’s review gives me 93% winning probabilities?

I take that to mean there is indeed a winning combination I did not see and I should not have passed.

What did I miss?


You missed a nicely hidden move at J8, threatening either H7 or H9. You get a ko that you should win, and the game with it.


Thanks for the quick replies Mark!

I had considered J8, what I never thought of was the sacrifice at A8 that wins the game. I definitely learned something!


Really interesting end game position! A half-point margin that can shifted by a ko and/or seki, with even some Japanese rules-specific pedantry coming into effect!

It’s also really neat that the KataGo AI properly handles Japanese rules. Thanks, @hexahedron!

@Jhyn, could you elaborate on the seki in the top-left?


I did a review highlighting what I think is best play from both sides ending with a seki in top left (so, sadly, the result does not depend on the ruleset!)