Disable SGF Download During Live Games

I apologize if this suggestion has been made before, I did search but could not find it.

I suggest that SGFs should not be downloadable while a game is live. With the advent of easily accessible AI, this makes it far too easy to download a game partway through and fire up an AI engine.

Thank you for considering my suggestion!
Daniel ML

You could disable the analysis tool, that also disables downloads.

Not sure what the Twitch stream has to do with it…

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Thanks for your response.

How do I disable that for automatch?
This should probably default to disabled then?

It’s my first post, I threw the link on so you’d know who I am - didn’t realize it would output that way.

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I don’t think there’s an option for it in automatch. But you could create a custom game.

If it’s about disabling analysis (and thus downloads) just for yourself, there’s an option in your settings. That doesn’t change the settings for the game though, so your opponent will still be able to use them if the game settings allow for it.

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