Disabling analysis

I do not like conditional moves but I like to use analysis to find out how the game has gone so far.

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Uhm… but you’re not forced to use conditional moves, so if you don’t like them, just don’t use them :slight_smile:

But I guess fear I know what you’re aiming at: you don’t want your opponent to create conditional moves? But why would you want to bore them? Because that’s what we do if we disable conditional moves for our opponents … they have already thought about how to answer our moves … why shouldn’t they be able to tell the system to play that if we play this, and to play this if we play that?
(Not to mention that it would also be more convenient for us when we can continue our own thought process right away …)

But maybe I just don’t understand … so I’ll hope that you or somebody explains it to me, like, “for a five year old” :slight_smile:

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Alternative: You could also just close the tab/window or click “Home” or any other on the OGS menu bar immediately after playing your move if you don’t want to see the reply …

[again a little later]

But that may not work … there is a little delay AFAIK, but I think it is quite short … maybe to give it, like, a second or two might be an interesting option, though I’m not really sure it would be worth the hassle.


I just don’t like feeling like they are their and then they actually are not when I look at it.

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Hey, we’re talking about correspondence games, right? That “feeling” of yours, it is betraying you.

I can very well understand that it hurts in a way that the opponent may have thought about—and have a good answer to—one’s possible moves, but that’s really something we need to get over quickly, otherwise one will NEVER want to play a stronger opponent, no? And really, you don’t want to bore your opponents.


I think what gochespin is trying to say is that seeing the opponent make 2-3 consecutive responses might lead to the impression that the opponent is free to play a number of moves. It is not uncommon in correspondence games to have phases of one move a day and then phases where you’re both online, and you might smash out 50 moves in an hour or so which feels really good to have that extra connection. So I believe gochespin’s grievance is that it appears that their opponent is online and responding when actually it’s just a few banked up auto responses.


A counterpoint, conditional moves are played inhumanly quickly. I feel the assumption that someone is online and available to continue a correspondence game based on this immediate move is faulty. The odds of someone staring at the screen, mouse hovering over the move with which they expect to respond in a correspondence game is virtually nil.

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But after you play a move the server auto jumps to the next game so you don’t really see how quickly they respond.

Fair, but only if you have that option enabled. Personally, I hate that option, so I leave it off. I could see this being somewhat misleading if you use that option, but at the same time, it’s not like it really matters. It’s equally possible your opponent was online, played a couple moves, and left. Same result to you in the end. Besides, the alternative is you having to play even slower games while waiting for your opponent to make what are usually obvious followup moves.

I really don’t see how this actually matters, to be honest. There’s also the (mostly accurate) presence indicators that would be a more reliable method of determining if your opponent was online.

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All of this I agree with, I just wanted to elaborate on what I believed gochespin was trying to say but to which I believe aspects were not being fully discussed.

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I don’t see the issue.

I see conditional moves as polite. If, for example, I make a peep that is forcing and I know will get a response, then I will also play my follow up as a conditional move. Same story for an easy one-way joseki that could be played out in 1 sitting of each player or could take weeks without conditional moves.

No one is forced to use them but I certainly like the option.