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White could also tenuki to take a bigger point here. Or play N18 to invite pseudo flying knife, maybe?

( FYI @mark5000 )

S16 is noteworthy as a historical variation, although it should perhaps only be marked Good.

http://ps.waltheri.net/database/game/11864/, Shuho – Mizutani 1884 (18)
http://ps.waltheri.net/database/game/41717/ Takahashi – Shuei 1893 (14)
http://ps.waltheri.net/database/game/25249/, Tamura – Yasui 1899 (24)
http://ps.waltheri.net/database/game/5915/, Kitani – Fujisawa 1951 (12)

There’s this one: https://online-go.com/joseki/49107