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why there isn’t any 3-3 invasion josekis?

( FYI @Eugene )

There are 48 of them currently. What are you talking about?


Perhaps there is some kind of glitch and the variations and suh are not showing up for some people? I checked it and its working fine.

It is true that if the server does not respond for any reason, it’s not entirely obvious to the user.

I will put that on the list to fix up … :weary:

(though… the “throbber” next to the ‘Pass’ button I think just keeps spinning in this case, so at least some indication is there…)

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@shinuito said:

Someone played R15 against me in a game recently. Is it worth including a response to this move?

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@andyzhou said:

If there is D16, why not Q4?

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@Eugene said:

Because that would be redundant. Actually, D16 should be at Q4 to properly follow the standards we have of “chose the lower left first”

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Maybe it’s something to do with this face I can see on the go board