Display "analysis enabled" in Play page list?

Is there a good reason why we don’t display whether or not analysis is enabled in the Play page list of open games?

Well, we could also show the komi, what colour you will be and whether or not it’s private. I guess it’s a matter of priorities vs clutter.

My feeling is that people who have a particular preference with regards to Analysis will probably check the accept screen carefully (after they get caught out the first time).


If you’re looking for an analysis-off game, you probably need to be the one creating it, because even if we show it they will all be “on” for the most part.

I think the trap is possibly in the other direction, where it’s off and you don’t realise and you can’t live without it. Because it’s a rare case, you are likely to get caught more than once.

Note that with Komi we warn if it’s not the normal setting. I actually think we might want to warn if its private as well - I would not like to be surprised by that, now that you mention it.


Yeah, it’s a bit counter-intuitive that you can post an open game challenge that will be private but you can.

The only thing you missed mentioning is colour. Especially with handicap games, don’t people sometimes get tricked into being the wrong colour?

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Are we talking about live games? The kind of thing you accept without checking, because it won’t be open a few seconds later.

Btw.: Most information is visible before you accept.

When it said your color, when my opponent put a specific color, I used to always get confused. It was stupid, but I kept accepting games and challenging specific people to games thinking I would be one color, but then I did it wrong and was the other color. This lead to me giving a 17k a handicap when I was a 25k once.

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A color column could be quite narrow if an icon were used.

A white circle, black circle or a half black and half white circle to indicate random. For automatic, the system would display the appropriate color.