Displaying tournament on the Goban page

Would it be possible to display the tournament the game belongs to somewhere on the page of the game where one makes the moves?

“Game information” and “tournamen” are available on the right side dock (bottom on mobile).


Thank you very much for your help. Sometimes I get really confused by the three different menues on the page.

  • Hamburger menu on the top left which graphically merges into the logo
  • menu on the right
  • written menu on top of the page
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I agree. It is also usual for the hamburger menu to be on the right, as it is here in the forums.

But then it would get tangled up with the game-control pop-out menu, which is also on the right :wink:

… and the friends menu and the counter for the games with new moves… :wink:

Suffice to say that the debate has been opened a few times, but no one has come up with a complete solution that anoek has been happy to give the nod to.

Could happen - by all means give it a shot. Just be aware that there are a lot of "what about…"s