Disputed Game Ending

I just played a game where my opponent knew he was losing and decided to drag out the game as long as possible, placing stones in his own territory and randomly in my territory. Eventually he went to the stone counting phase but he would repeatedly mark all of my stones as dead! We seemed to be caught in an endless loop of marking and unmarking dead stones. I don’t don’t know if he got tired of it or if the system auto-counted, but finally the game was declared over.

What am I supposed to do in a situation where my opponent wants to drag the game out as long as possible? I reported him for bad sportsmanship during the game but was there another way I could flag a moderator?
This was my first time meeting this kind of person on OGS :frowning:

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Call a moderator. That’s a button available just nearby the game.


Oh I reported him by clicking on his profile, but I didn’t see the button for calling a moderator. Thank you!

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You’re welcome. Moderators will come, but they are not all time around and you know they are benevolent.
OGS of course don’t encourage the kind of behavior you describe.
Have fun playing here!


In following link there is an item about My opponent is cheating/escaping/being annoying!

By referring to the actual game, you are naming and shaming.
Not okay.

Thanks @Cyanriddle for your report. Reporting on the main site was indeed enough, and since it’s not very polite to bring misbehaving users to public attention, I’ve hidden this topic.

I’ll take a look at the game.