Disqualification Criteria


Yes, I was aware of that meaning of the word disqualified, but take a look at the ranking of the tournament I posted above. I see there two disqualified players, and they are not out of the tournament. And I assumed that here the word have a slightly different meaning.


I’m not sure why you think that they are still part of tournament ranking.

nullptr earned 5 points, but is at the bottom of the table, along with the other disqualified, because he is … disqualified :slight_smile:

They still show in the table, because other people’s wins against them still count, for those other people.



Oh, my bad, I did not read the rank, I just looked at the table.
And in the beginning was ranked after strength. Later the order shifted according to the wins.
And this was the last shift, and I did not looked in the left, just assumed that is the natural order.

I am out of my confusion :slight_smile: Thanks.

Of course to be absolute correct, the disqualified should be at the bottom, and without rank, but this is just a minor aspect. Is not worth the time to fix it. Only an old bat like me will stumble on it :slight_smile:


Worth noting, if the tournament has multiple rounds, disqualified users will appear on the rounds up to and including the round they were disqualified in, but not thereafter.
Same goes for resigned or withdrawn users.