Disqualify option to random users from tournament page

(I’m just reporting this in case there is a problem somewhere connected to it, there’s not really something wrong here.)

When I’m in a tournament page, every player I search on the search bar has the “tournament” options, to disqualify and adjust points.


I feel like @benjito might know how to isolate those two zones? Good find


Ha! That’s a weird one- thanks for the report @Gia! We should probably check whether a player is in the player list, although that might be kind of heavy for large tournaments…

Here’s the relevant code points if anyone’s interested:


Hmm… would it be easier to tell the omnisearch to ignore what page is in the background?

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Possibly, but currently that extraActionCallback is a global variable, so omnisearch doesn’t have a simple way to turn it off.

Additionally, there is another way a non-participant may show up on the tournament page: by posting in the chat!

“Omnisearch” is scary.
Has it anything to do with Skynet?

Omnisearch and fullydestroy? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: