Do I need to rank up all speeds/board sizes to maximise my rank?

I was just looking at my rank and I was just thinking that I might be able to improve it by doing some Blitz or 9x9/13x13 games since theyre like 300+ points worse than my 19x19 medium-time games.

However, I hate all other formats and don’t really want to play them. I played a quick 9x9 and lost quite a bit of rank because I wasnt used to it and was expecting an easy game againt another 5k player. Which was dumb.

So how does this work. I really cant be bothered with these other formats but I dont want it to “taint” my rank. What should I do?


Those other numbers are just cosmetic, winning ranked games improves your rank regardless of board size or speed so just play what you enjoy. Those fold outs are informative only and have no weight to your overall rating.


Okay, that’s good news.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: