Do not count weekends as part of vacation time

I find it ridiculous that when you’re not on vacation, the game pauses your clock and doesn’t reduce your time for not moving but somehow the reverse is true for vacations. This seems like a nonsensical setting to eat up vacation time when it normally wouldn’t be counted. One must actually manually undo vacation on weekends to not waste their vacation time.

Likewise in real life, no one counts you taking a 1 week break as 7 days leave but just 5 days because the weekends are not counted.

Not all games are paused on weekends (e. g. ladder games).
How would you account for these?

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Are ladder games paused for vacations? Ah… I see the issue then if one were to have ladder and non-ladder games played at the same time while on vacation. Unless there are 2 separate timers, but then that would be ridiculous.
There goes what I thought was a good idea.

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Personally I find it ridiculous to pause games on weekends. As if this server was for professional players…


I agree. It would make a lot more sense to pause on workdays unless one proudly wants to be the server where people play during work.

I think the idea was that, during workdays, most people have some free time in the evenings. On weekends, they may be too busy out doing things.

It’s another one of those things where some people will prefer one way, and some will prefer the other, based on how they happen to live their lives. There’s no right way to do this for everybody.


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