Do some people not know how to go to counting?

So I recently played a game where I was losing by ~10 points, and he says “ty” and “game end” and just waits.

Naturally I asked him to pass, because I wanted to go through the formality of counting (and that was not worth resigning over. No response.

He left the game after. I paused the game a while and messaged him so he might come back and count the game, but he didn’t, and at this point I took the win anyway. I know that this isn’t in the best conscience, but I don’t care too much.

This is the game, for reference:

Admins, it you wanna annul this, be my guest.


I’m trying hard, but your reason for posting this eludes me.

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Unusual enough to warrant discussion maybe


It’s just a single game. You could have resigned, instead of waiting for timeout, if this was a matter for you.
Sure it wasn’t for your opponent that has played about 500 games on OGS and can’t be ignoring how to end a game.
Simply he didn’t.
This careless behaviour can seem rude, but we can’t really know why he did so…

How much did your rank rise undeservedly? 0.5k?
You can take it as a present. :wink: :gift:

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Mostly it was just strange, especially in a game against a 6k and I was wondering if this happens to anyone else.

It’s interesting that all of his game end in resignation or timeout so I agree that he just didn’t realize counting is an option. (I got confused on how to end a game on tygem as well in my first few games). He’s probably not a native speaker in English who is not used to the “passing” system? We can send someone to explain it to him.

I do recall there were some news about Chinese AI losing games due to its inability to play ‘pass’ under Japanese rule and a lot of players(since it’s a go app I would assume most are players) in the comment section were very confused on what ‘passing’ means and some even believed it’s a way to cheat…


OMG, you’re right. :open_mouth:
I scrolled his last 500 games an none of them had final score.

If he loses by timeout also when he’s winning the game, what should be his real rank?
Could it be some sort of sandbagging?


I do that too sometimes. I simply go to the loo and couldn’t hold it till the game ends and would rather lose the game then wet/shit myself.

I can relate … what about asking your opponent if they’d agree to you pressing “pause” for that time?

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That would defeat the purpose of… loosing :rofl:.


Nah. Most aren’t that patient or nice. And if I’m urgent enough to abandon the game, every second counts!


I must be totally spoiled … playing only correspondence, and with friendly people, and in correspondence tournaments that have been going on for years, so that the opponents are familiar already …

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Just had a game against the same person: Got a “thx”, and figured he was about to either resign or pass to counting (I was up ~25 points). 5 byo-yomi periods later I won by timeout. I sent them a message asking why, but never got a response. They otherwise seem like a courteous player, with a greeting at the beginning of the game and ty’s at the end of most of their games, but they don’t seem to understand passing/counting…


Funny thing: that’s the same guy…

It’s the nightmare of rating system: multiple timeouts and games abandoned while he’s winning. Not only hir rank must be unreliable, but also his opponent’s rank must be affected.



Ckersch88, if it was a correspondence game, you did not get a ratings boost from your “win”. That’s why he waited to timeout rather than count and let you win and hurt his rating…he had timed out other games before yours.

Neither OGS rating changed from your “win” by timeout because of the serial timeout rule in OGS. If it was a corr game.

There’s no way someone at his rank and number of games doesn’t know counting. Letting others win by time is a very common albeit despicable losing tactic to superficially make their losses not look as bad as they would (by showing the exact point difference in counting) or resigning.

In their minds, timeouts are results that are out of their control and thus can divert the responsibility of a loss away from themselves.

If the guy was winning and still does this tactic then there are only 2 reasons; he is sandbagging by intentionally losing to lower rank, or has bad counting and thinks he lost so he resorts to the ‘loss by timeout is better than any other result’ strategy.


Don’t have to think the worse of people.
Since none of his games goes to counting until someone made this post. Since he’s only here for two weeks, and his default language is Korean(you can tell that it’s Korean by looking at the default name of the game he created), it’s also reasonable to believe that he might not know how to go to counting before someone who speaks Korean told him how to. It could just be a Korean 9 years old who’s new to playing on the internet.

Also… ‘passing’ is not a universal thing, I had to teach my 10K friend who is new to playing go on the internet on passing to end the game. On Fox I think it’s the equivalent of ‘pass’ is ‘counting’ or something?


On foxy, (and I think tygem too, no?) you just request counting, without passing.

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