Do you ever have a feeling a game is going to be inexplicably fun?

It doesn’t matter if I’m winning or losing at that point, or if I end up winning or losing in the end, or how stronger the opponent is. Or even if we chat during the game.

Sometimes a move happens and I can tell the game is going to be interesting, for no reason at all. A game I will think of afterwards, or for some reason I’m smiling when I’m thinking where to play.

I might have 50 games, that one stands out. Based on nothing, it just does.

Happens to anyone else?


I think this happens to me too. My wish word be for a better than 1 in 50 hit rate!


I find that there are certian players who I enjoy playing more than others. I guess they would be a similar strength or something and when we play I just feel a connection to what they are trying to do and can feel that they can also see my intention through my moves too. The struggle is real and visible to both players and it dosen’t matter who comes out on top because there is an absolute joy in grapplinng and sparing with them. It’s a weird kind of pleasure derived through a connection that you can have with a total stranger over the internet, whose name you don’t even know, and those games are the reason I continue to play.