Do you think Go is about balancing?

Do you agree with the captioned comic?
Balance is the main lesson to become den level.

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Balance is crucial yes and hard to learn … So maybe not having the black stone too in the second pic is a miss?


I interpreted this as the white stone being the protagonist, so we’re seeing a progression of it trying to kill the black stone to it learning to be balanced, regardless of what the black stone is doing.

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How is your go comic going?

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I think Go is a game of balance and sequence.We pursue the best moves in games.These moves generate great interaction among stones and combine every stone to become most efficient and balance every stones’ usage.
thickness,influence,territory,life and death.They all need to be balanced well.
Sequence is a really subtle and important thing.For example,a probe.


It is about balance, although we might disagree about what is being balanced.

Usually it’s quoted “balance of territory” and “balance of power/influence”
however, I tend to argue it’s more balance in terms of playing the most severe move that works, where as you get better the more you are required the fine line between “too slow” and “too aggressive”, where if you’re too slow you simply get out-pointed, but if you’re too aggressive you get punished in a big way.


“Go is about sharing, but of course, I take the bigger part”

  • Hwang In-seong (approximate memory)

going well!

I agree with the idea of balance, and I quite enjoyed the comic.

But in my case, I think I need to add more zeros onto the 1000th day comic before I reach that level :slight_smile:


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