Documentation: Time Controls in Custom Challenges

I was asked in a PM to explain the different time-controls. I thought I’d share my explanation of the different controls here for re-use:

  • simple time controls set a per-move clock. So if you set this to 25 minutes, the clock will be reset to 25 minutes each time a player has to decide upon a move.
  • absolute time controls set a per-game clock. So this is like simple time controls except that the clock is not reset for each move.
  • canadian time controls set a per-N-number-of-moves clock. So you have a set time for, say, every 10 moves. But the clock is reset for each 10 move period.
  • byo-yomi is like the absolute time control except that once your main time expires you go into byo-yomi periods. These are a fixed number of fixed length periods. If you move before a period expires then it is reset to the full period. If you let a period expire it is lost forever.
  • fischer time controls are a per-game absolute clock with a per-move increment added after each stone. So there may be a 10 minute main time with a 10 second increment. Well, because of the increment, if you move within 10 seconds your time may actually increase per-move, allowing you to dig yourself out of time-trouble.

I think the person who contacted me was using simple time controls but expected absolute time-controls. I was certainly surprised by some of the names - have these just not been looked at for a long time, perhaps?

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Thanks for the explanation. I’ve just started playing using the “Normal” button on the Quick match finder. I’ve been wondering what my speaker says when it goes to “byo-yomi.” Then, I wonder if I need to panic as it counts down from 10. Now, I think I understand it.

Is there a FAQ on this site? I’m really enjoying the game, but it takes a little searching to find the help I need.

There’s a wiki on the github

The wiki isn’t necessarily complete but can be contributed to :slight_smile:

The documentation and faq (near the bottom) in the hamburger menu, accessed at the top left of the site brings you to it. Although I think the hamburger menu is very often overlooked. I don’t really use it myself unless searching for something or changing settings.

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