Does anybody play terribly in the mornings and well in the evenings?

Its something that I’ve noticed looking back at my game record and wondered if time of day effects anybody elses game

Nope, I play terribly no matter the time of day :smiley:


Ninja edit. :sunglasses:

Since you have about 550 games on record I won’t go through them but unless you can present evidence that this even holds for you, I’ll call it confirmation bias. :3

Its definitely the case looking back on it. Think its because I pound 3/4 coffees in the morning

If I remember correctly, there are studies suggesting, that one reaches mental peak performance in the late morning. But I’m unable to find my source quickly.

Soon they’ll be finding scientific evidence that people are tired in the morning. :open_mouth:


I play correspondence, so my moves are made at whatever time of the day and night.
I don’t think I can blame it for my terrible play. :smile:

I have heard about the same studies that @flovo mentioned and I feel like these studies are accurate from my personal experience. However, as far as Go is concerned I don’t seem to have concrete evidence for a situation like that, Some days I do well early in the morning, other times I do best in the evening. Overall, I just lose a lot :smile:

The “GoBoard” (@_GoBoard)

I have experienced similar thing happening to me in chess. Mostly I did better at night compared to play during the day time on internet. (and I have played 50,000+ chess games online) There could be many reasons behind this, like distraction due to children, siblings, spouse, television, traffic and other noises, bright light, etc. But sometimes your biological clock prefers certain time of the day more. Around 10% of modern humans have genes to remain awake at night, mostly to protect ‘herd’ during paleolithic period. So it could be that too.

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