Does handicap affect how ranked games are rated?

Hi. :slight_smile: If you play a ranked game with handicap, does that change how each player’s rank is adjusted after the game? If so, how?

Thanks in advance,

  • Sarah Lisa

As far as I know it behaves as if you were playing a game with equal ranks. Thus no huge jumps as if you would beat a 5 stones stronger player


What if you were to manually override and set a different handicap? If someone goes and givesthemselves a 15-stone handicap and I don’t notice, do I get dinged as if I lost a standard handicap game to them?

You can cancel the game without it counting as loss if you see too many HC stones before playing a move. But other than that I do know how it would count (I am guessing still like an equal match, but it is just a guess). Let’s wait for someone more clever.

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