Does OGS has a public API? Where can I find the documentation?

Well… basically the question of the title :slight_smile:

The web interface is great but making a client it’s a nice programming exercise.

There is a public API for many functions. There is a part of this forum for discussions related to the API:

I’ve also found to resources that have additional information:

There have been a few programs written to use that API:

  • OGS Notifier, a Chrome extension that lets you know when you have games waiting
  • uberdownloader, a Python script that will download all games for a player as SGF files

I’ll leave it for folks with real knowledge to say anything more (and to correct my mistakes).


I’ll just add that these things are linked to from the Developer portal page that also includes a way of generating oauth2 application tokens:

note that our rest api is browseable:


Thanks! Seem enough information :slight_smile:

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