Does OGS work with ipads?

I’m thinking of buying a laptop or ipad for travel. My several years old ipad mini can’t access OGS and I just wanted to check that it does work with more modern versions.

I have an iPadAir 2, i works very well on Safari or Firefox on it.

There is the app Surround that is being developed that works on it too, although I stopped using it because of some bugs, but this is not iPad/iOS related.


Surprising. Isn’t OGS accessible in whatever browser?

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I’m sure it’s accessible in whatever “modern” browser.
in iOS devices you cannot update the browser independently from the OS, so I guess if your iPad is old enough you are blocked on a prehistoric version of Safari that is not supported anymore.


The only issue I’ve had is that misplacing stones is very easy on a touch screen. I suggest enabling the option to confirm moves to prevent misplacements.


This was with Safari. I think I looked for other browsers in the app store when I got it and didn’t find any, but anyway I haven’t used another browser.

It works best in Zen mode, since the board is simply bigger, and misplacing stones is harder. I definitely have the problem that the text box of the chat is always hidden by the up-popping correction bar, definitely on Chrome, so communicating with my fellow player is a nuisance on my ipad. On safari it is a tiny bit better.