Does @Playername do anything, in chat?

… and if it doesn’t is there, or could we have, a way to notify someone that we are talking to/about them?

I’ve notices that, especially in slower chat groups, someone asks something, then later someone replies with @playername, but the person never responds. I suspect they never knew they had a reply, and never came back to the slow group.

If you put in their name (no @ needed) it will generate a notification popup on their screen if they are still in the chat room I think. Same with private chat messages.

I just found that someone mentioned me in TeachingLeague room a while ago. I did not get a notification.

afaik @playername: “text” changes the color of the message for the user it is aimed at, so it is more visible in crowded chats… i dont know about notifications.

EDIT: no @ needed.

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