Does The Forum Have A Built In SGF Viewer For Post Embedded Files?

I know how to link to an SGF file. I’m curious if I can embed an SGF into a post which is viewed within an in-post SGF Viewer. Pretty sure we used to have one, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get it working :exploding_head:

We used to (even though it did not work properly) but eventually it even started causing some browser crashes, so we have none currently. Sorry


Arg… okay. I have an SGF that I cannot make a demo board for, because OGS’s implementation of the rules breaks the OGS by enforcing superko. Any chance anybody here knows of an online SGF viewer where I can upload an SGF and then link to it for easy web viewing? I know people can download it directly, but i wanted to offer a second option.

Maybe just changing the ruleset would help? I can have a look if you send me the file.
Otherwise there is (which I hate), but probably is easiest to use in this case?

1 Like works perfectly. Although, if you think you might be able to help me, I’d certainly appreciate it. I’ll send you a PM :blush:

you can also try

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FWIW @flovo is working on iFrame support for OGS so that other sites (including the forums) can display sgf boards