Does this count as my first win? 21k

For the first time ever I actually felt like I was in control.

What could I have done better?

Edit, 22:29, just had my second win. That is two consecutive wins in a row, both 21k players, I feel great!!
here it is:

I think it went a bit worse than the first win.

I’m quite relieved. I thought it would take weeks of learning before I could win against a 25k player, yet alone a 21k player.

I’m not sure if people being blunt is okay with you or not if it isn’t just ignore what i say.

It’s okay to be excited about winning a game no doubt but honestly there is 0 difference from 30kyu to 20kyu. On this server anyways I can’t say for other servers or real life. On another note personally I find these games pointless to review.

I wouldn’t review them myself anyway as I don’t understand what either player is trying to do and I see no meaning behind there moves, It’s pretty much watching two RandomBots play each other. Sorry for being harsh I know not everyone learns with harsh/strict teaching.

Now for starters you should look at the basics, The order in which you should play is Corners, Sides, Middles generally the board gets played out like that because it is easier to make points in that order as it takes less moves. After that its Urgent Moves over Big Moves an urgent move can be anything from your entire group will die or you might get surrounded which is normally bad. Big moves range as such

-Open corners.
- Open sides
- Biggest area
+ Build
++ Enclose Corner, Extend, -Approach (Extensions are 5 space jumps.)
+ Reduce
+ Invade

It’s also good to note that keeping sente is the best always try to keep sente when possible.

Read it all here, I pretty much just repeated whats written here.

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Yes; I think that clearly counts as your first win. You had more territory than your opponent and your thick walls would have made significant invasions difficult. Congratulations :beers:

I note that you made an early play in the centre. In the game this went very well for you however I’d caution you against this strategy if you want to improve.

Stones require a base and it’s easier to do this in the corners or the edge. For that reason, you will usually see players taking the corners and then expanding from those along the sides. This expansion is so profitable that in many cases, players will approach an opponents corner to prevent this expansion. Once the corners and sides are taken, you can then use these as bases to extend into the middle.

Early skirmishes into the centre allow better players to take the sides. Their stones will be stronger, so they will be able to attack your centre stones by extending towards them - an attack on you that takes territory for them at the same time.

I’d recommend observing some 15kyu games to see how they apply these principles.

But really, congratulations on your first victory! A worthy milestone :blush:


thank you all :beers: just had my third win,

Congratulations :slight_smile:

Look at your games. Did the sequences go as planned? If not, try some variations to figure out what went wrong. I think you need to pay more attention to the number of liberties of each group.

The second game was still very close, your opponent resigned too early.

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Won against my first 18k, felt pretty weird. I think we both were playing carelessly.

Well, your opponent is still provisional, and, unless there was a rating inflation recently, I don’t think he/she is really 18k (look at the sequence 170-176 or at that 316. I’d expect a 18k to be able to read at least 1 move ahead).

Your first 3 moves were good, the 4th was ok. Black 9 I would play at K17. Starting from the move 10 it becomes progressively harder to see what any of you is trying to achieve. :wink:

Seriously, reviewing your 19x19 games is an overkill right now. Do you really need people telling you that ignoring the atari at move 111 was a mistake and you had to take the 2 stones with R4? Most of advice you need at this stage can be found in any good book for beginners (I’d recommend the entire Learn To Play Go series by Janice Kim and Jeong Soo-hyun). I’d also suggest you to play more 9x9 games (they help to get some fighting experience quickly). And maybe posting those for review would be more fruitful.