Double Elimination 9x9 Tournaments

In the automatic sitewide tournament, I had two different experiences in one day. The first one had multiple games in the first round(, and the second one was the way I would envision a normal double-elimination tournament would go( I think the first one was a bug since a few things happened in the tournament including two people getting eliminated from the first round, and I got eliminated in the second round from the winner’s bracket. This was also not in the finals since it was only the second round. I played a different tournament later, which was the way I thought the first one would go - one game per round and losing in the loser’s bracket. I do not blame anyone who may have timeouted in the first round of the first tournament for doing so since they might have not realized that there were multiple games. I personally only realized because when I clicked on the link to the game, I was playing a different person than it showed in the bracket. I only saw this since I check who is playing who in most tournaments. I already asked a moderator what was the bug and in what tournament but they didn’t know. I also reported this through one of the games but I canceled it after it had been on for 15hrs with nothing happening. I would just like to know which tournament had the bug, and I would like to know that the bug is sorted out so I do not have to deal with something like this again. Thank you to anyone that can help.


I can tell you that the “multiple games” issue is a known bug and I can only hope that it is being worked on. Anoek is aware of it and it is listed in the ‘high priority’ category. The last time it happened to me was in a blitz 19x19 tournament!

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Seeing as it was still the same bug in 2018 doesn’t make me super confident. I would like to believe it would not happen again since I didn’t like having the two games at once. I also felt bad for one of my opponents who timed out and I know I would have lost to. I just don’t want it to happen again, and if it has been an issue since 2018, it means that it is likely to happen again.


It’s intermittent, which makes it tricky to track down. We also only have 1 full time dev, meaning his time is both valuable and divided.

Does that mean that there is not just a simple fix all. That would be nice. Then they wouldn’t have this issue again.

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Usually how hard the fix is is irrelevant. The main variable is how hard is it to pin down why the problem is happening.

I think of that as part of the fix. You can’t fix what you don’t know.

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I just got simultaneous games in a correspondence DE tournament:

Hoping that the correspondence format makes this easier to track down since things are moving more slowly.