Doubled games for 10/21 sitewide tournament?

A new round in a sitewide weekly tournament started (Correspondence Weekly McMahon 19x19 2017-10-21, and it seems to have auto-started two games against every opponent (which I’m assuming isn’t supposed to happen). As far as I can tell only one of the two is actually linked from the tournament page.

Not sure if there’s anything to be done beyond a bug report, or if there’s any good way to just cancel the non-tournament games; I probably wouldn’t have actually chosen to have 2x expected new games right now, but I’ll play them if necessary.

In my site it looks like that both games have a linkage to the tournament.

“Sometimes they come back”! :slight_smile:

Are notifications working this time?

Tournament Game: Correspondence Weekly McMahon 19x19 2017-10-28 17:00 (31346)

OMG! Will it begin again with second round??? :scream:

well, I guess there’s nothing to be done about this…just hoping it doesn’t also happen when the (probably overlapping) monthly tournament I’m in goes to the next round :grinning:

Re notifications, as far as I can tell everything is working fine with the games, they show up on my games list normally and the time info looks right so far. (Though I didn’t get new game emails for any of them, for some reason.)

Each game in a pair seems to have the correct tournament title, but for me from the tournament page itself I can only get to one of the two games, that’s what made me think that only one of each was linked to the tournament. From browsing past bug reports (I found a few besides the one @lysnew linked) it seems like various things are possible behind the scenes when this happens, though.