E-mail notification

I have not got any e-mail notifications since 4 days. I have tried to put in my mail adress again and update it, but still no notifications. I have of course checked my mail-adress and it works.

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You could check your settings.

(Ignore the lack of notifications)

Setting same since six months. I have got mail all the time, but not since 4 days ago.

Heya Dalmore, it seems your e-mail address bounced a lot of e-mails from us and the server stopped trying.

Could you make sure you have empty space in your inbox and the online-go address was not blocked by spam filter by chance? We will try to start sending again.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey, I have checked my e-mail again and also did a test sending from another address. Everything worked as it should, but I still not have any mail from OGS. This have been like this since friday. I have not block, and have nothing in spamfilter. Cause I like to play GO I only use this email for OGS messages, and I always delete them after my move or read messages about game started and so on.

I have solve the problem. I change to another e-mail address, and it goes by another incoming server here. So now I got notifications again:) Puh!