Either penalize players who join my games and quit, or just restore them to the Waiting Room, or both

Hi, sometimes people join my games and then quit them - probably because they joined a correspondence game by mistake - I don’t know and I don’t care. Anyway, there ought to be a penalty attached, or else the game is simply restored to the Waiting Room so someone else can join. Or something.


If I remember correctly, when you cancel a game you must wait 2 minutes before you are allowed to start/join another game. I am not certain if the wait time becomes larger the more you cancel. If you have a repeat offender, perhaps you should block the user. Otherwise, it is best to just move on.

I do like the idea of cancelled games being refreshed in the waiting room, but I feel that is not an important feature. It only takes a few clicks to recreate the game invite, and the last game information is always saved.


This is true for live games, but it is not true at all for correspondence games if the typical wait time for an appropriate opponent is hours or days rather than minutes.

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