Email verification


I’m new and I’ve tried verifying my email several times. It just keeps resending an email and asking me to verify again. I can’t get the chat to work unless I verify my email every single time I log in. Is that supposed to happen?



I’m new here, too.

For the developers: I registered with Google acct; never got the original verification email. (Yes, I carefully checked my spam folders) I had to go to my profile, click “send verification email again”, then it worked. Is this a common problem?

How does one contact the developers directly?? I’d really like to solve this issue…

Hello, it worked fine for me, not sure what the problem is, but I can imagine it’s annoying :confused:

As far as I know we only have two developers and they are (obviously) kind of busy.
I will ping @anoek in this thread and he should find it and tell you more. Try to hang on for a while, he doesn’t always appear in matter of hours, but he will find it eventually :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot !

Hm. Would you mind trying once more and seeing if it’s fixed? I just pushed up some updates and dealt with a number of server things that could possibly be related to what you were seeing.


does’t work for me either

Now it says user not found.

I just found this site and i’m experiencing the same problem as Keumgan.
I would also like to add that after the “user not found” pop up, i cant access the site unless i open up a new tab in “private mode” and make a new account, otherwise i just get sent to a blank-page. Such a downer :frowning: The few games i had a chance to play was a blast though! Thank you for listening, :slight_smile:

Hi all, try again, I just fixed the issue :slight_smile: Thanks for reporting it!

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Yay! It worked! Thank you :smiley:

I’ve tried gmail and non-gmail accounts and neither work. Can the support team help?

Hahaha support team :smiley:
But I am sure we can help :). Try providing a little more info please. What exactly did you try, what exactly did not work? Did you not get the emails? Or something wrong with the confirmation itself? Or did you encounter the original problem of having to verify over and over?

Hi support team/developers,

Having problem of verify my email address. clicked many times on the lick but it still shows “Awaiting email address confirmation”. Can someone have a look at what is happening ?