Ended up losing with 2,5 points (8 kyu vs 6 kyu)


I really would like a review for this game : https://online-go.com/game/1265568

I think I played pretty well, but I ended up losing with 2,5 points.

thanks, Onno

You’re right. You played pretty well, especially in the first half. Black got a small advantage out of the opening and the game was winnable for black throughout the middle-game because of black’s overwhelming influence in the center. The game was reversed in the late middle-game when black misplaced his priorities and allowed white to revive a group standing defiantly inside black’s area of influence. There were a couple of key mistakes, but maybe the bigger mistake was not noticing white’s perilous situation there.

Remember: look for counter attacks first. Don’t always follow your first reaction to defend, especially when influence is your main asset.

Enjoy! https://online-go.com/review/48064

Thank you very much mark5000! I think you pointed out a few important points.

This is good learning material for me.

Much appreciated!