Equal Go Games

Group closed. Please, close this topic.


Real slow corr. games also? Like … 1.5 days/move, max. 21 or even better 28 days?

@trohde, look here.

Is this group brand new? 9 monthly tournaments for a group with 3 members seems excessive. Are these long term plans, or is this a group that used to be super active but has gotten smaller?

I like the idea of the games, but I don’t want to commit to 9 tournaments per month, especially if they’re going to be 3d+1/move. Those will all overlap and run for months each. By month 2 you’ll have 18 tournaments stacked on top of each other.

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You don’t need to join all tournaments if you become a member of the group, so there is no danger.

But yes, otherwise I’ve been wondering the same to be honest.

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Certainly you could pick and choose which tournaments to join, but that just means that you’ll be spreading out a tiny playerbase across 9 tournaments per month. You might get 1 or 2 players in each if you’re lucky.

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Yes, yes, I totally agree. I just wasn’t sure how you meant your initial post, when I read that and wanted to make sure you don’t misunderstand about membership and participation. Wasn’t necessary as I can see now. :slight_smile:


Sorry, but “Nine monthly tournaments” means 1 tournament every month from September to May every year. :yum:

Equal Go Games created one day ago, so I hope, that it will get much more players with time.


Equal Go Games is closed now.