Error in Input

I am sour-graping now, but I think the issue should be fixed… Somehow…

I was winning but I lost because the server had problems inputting my move. By the time I was able to enter my stone again, the game timed out.

It’s more likely that you were disconnected from the server.

And we don’t stop the clock for disconnects to prevent escaping being used as a time-suji tactic.

The game in question was a flat 20s/move. You can get a similar game speed with fischer of say 1m + 15s/move up to 1m. However this has the advantage of a little wiggle room if there are connection or server issues.

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Thanks for the inputs.
Anyways, lesson learned :sunglasses:

yeah, unfortunately this is one of those things that has no perfect solution :frowning: if we wait for those who lose connection it may be unfair, if we don’t, it may be unfair too, just in different circumstances.

But anyway sorry about the frustration. :frowning: