"Etiquette" for playing after opponent passes

I had a game just now where after I tricked my opponent into losing a large part of an even larger group in end-game. He immediately passed, even though the rest of the group was unsettled (and honestly, without a mistake from him, it was going to live). So I asked him if we were considering that entire group dead, he didn’t respond, then I played the next play to continue finishing the game. He then said “bm dude” and resigned the game.

Am I missing something here? Was that really BM?


You didn’t trick him. You played an invasion and he defended incorrectly. That’s the game. You are not obligated to pass after he passes. You were far ahead anyway. He is BM (bad mannered, I assume), in my opinion, for being a sore loser.


Here’s the link to the game: https://online-go.com/game/14777637

I don’t think you acted improperly. He made a mistake, then he made another mistake - which is what we all do (sometimes) after making a mistake! My recommendation would have been to offer a take-back but that’s difficult in a live game scenario.

When he left he was upset (perhaps) and took it out on you a little bit with a “bm dude” - understandable, but probably best just to move on.

Thanks for the responses. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything that was like… specific to OGS or specific to much of anything. But at the same time, if it did happen to be something I just didn’t know about, I had no reason to go on continuing to make the same mistakes


I wonder about this myself. I consider that if you should only pass if you believe the game to be finished i.e. there are no more meaningful moves to be played. If you believe you have lost despite there being more moves to play, you should resign. If not, what is the point of having a resign button at all?


I think that passing counts as a legal move, and since it’s 100% gote, you have totally free choice to use your sente however you feel like, either by playing a stone, passing after your opponent, or resigning. It’s up to you.
Of course passing is a mistake, if there are still moves left that have impact on final score, but we all do mistakes all the time on the go board.

Instead if a player thinks that they have lost the game, and do not wish to continue it any further, then the correct etiquette is to resign.

ps. i wouldn’t call that a “trick.” I’d call it “shortage of liberties”