Etiquette question

Hi, what if my opponent Passes long before the game’s over? Should I just Pass too, and mark all his stones as dead or something?

I think I’d play all the moves necessary to finish the game from my point of view … close the borders, secure some cut-points or other possible points of attack/invasion, fill Dame points, etc.

This is assuming that I’d think I’d win or at least have a chance to win — if it looks as if I’ve lost then I’d perhaps wish I’d resigned earlier :smiley:


There are a lot of people with different views of what can be considered impolite in online Go. Questions pop-up about this every now and then; resigning or not, try make living groups in hopeless situations, or like here about passing.
To make it more complex, what 20 kyu’s find normal to do, can be considered impolite in a match between two 4 kyu’s.

I would advise everyone to never refrain from a move, because your opponent might think it is impolite by somebodies standard, if you feel the need to play or just curious to try it out to see what happens. Resign when you want to, or not. Try something in a hopeless situation if you are curious about the outcome or just want to see how your opponent handles your moves.

Also, never feel offended by the way where your opponent places stones, or his timing of resignation.

People can get annoyed just by the style of your play, so it is unavoidable you offend someone someday, with some match.


I think both above posts state it well. So play your game, if your not sure if it is over yet then play on. If your a new player you will learn when to resign or pass appropriately. I do not believe you can mark stones as dead if the position is not clear. So there u should play on I believe. Oh and enjoy the game!


Maybe offer an undo if you’re feeling nice or they ask for it. (I’d probably not take the initiative in offering an undo, but I’d accept a request for one in keeping with my approach of accepting undos iff they are very completely obvious misclicks.)

Otherwise, just finish out the game. Every once in a while that pass may have been step one in an elaborate plan to drag the game out for a few hours until you resign out of boredom, and in those cases, just call a mod. But most of the time, it’s just confusing. So just play your move and finish the game and then pass. :slight_smile:

If you feel bad about playing after your opponent passes when there are still many moves they could have played, I remember in one of Haylee’s videos her opponent passed when there were still moves to be played and she was confused, but then went ahead and played. So you’ve got at least one pro on your side. :slight_smile:

PS I wonder how Hajin Lee would feel if she knew that a 5 to 10 second decision that she may very well not even remember, is being used as an argument in go etiquette. :slight_smile: #lampshadingYourOwnArgument

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