Etiquette (undo)

Hi folks,

I have a question regarding the general etiquette during a game. I play tournament chess for a long time. There is the »touch - move« rule, in addition you usually can’t take back moves in rated online games.

Recently I played a blitz game (9x9, 3 min + 3x 10sec, rated). My opponent made a move which in review seemed to be a mouse slip. Because I was short on time I instantly replied and didn’t recognize his undo request. He moaned but we finished the game.

What would you have done?



PS. Is there a similar touch - move rule in Go also? In chess you can’t take back a move when you leave the moved piece.

As far as I’m aware, the rule is that once you place it, it stays placed - but mice and touchpads/screens being what they are, it makes sense to allow for misclicks. People do sometimes play obvious bad moves and then ask for an undo. If someone tells me after I’ve replied, that the move they played was actually a misclick then - assuming I believe them, I just undo the move I replied with then ok their undo request and we continue as normal. To be honest if there’s an accepted way to proceed in that situation, I don’t know about it. Ultimately it’s your call I think.


Thx for your answer.

Well, my point of view for now is: Undo is ok in longer live online games. In (very short) blitz games - as in chess - the handling of the time control and the pieces is part of the skill you need to succeed. E. g. I would never try to play a chess 1-min-blitz game on a tablet or smartphone.

BTW, what happens to the player’s time after an undo? I assume it won’t be resetted?




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The time of the player who accepted the undo is resetted, yes.


A person can reset byu-yomi time by redo…