European Go Championship 2021 (on OGS)

Today start 1/16 with at 2021-11-27T10:00:00Z

A french internal meeting, remi vs tanguy.


Thanks for the heads up

Next early game is
Ilya Shikshin (Russia)–Fredrik Blomback (Sweden)

at 2021-11-27T13:00:00Z

Other games coming later in the evening (CET).

Pavol Lisy (Slovakia)–Stanislaw Frejlak (Poland)
at 2021-11-27T18:30:00Z will be a highlight to me, given how well stasio is perfoming since his brilliant qualification as european pro this year.


Ilya Shikshin (Russia) – Benjamin Drean-Guenaizia (France)
Ali Jabarin (Israel) – Lukas Podpera (Czechia)

Artem Kachanovskyi (Ukraine) – Nikola Mitic (Serbia)

Pavol Lisy (Slovakia) – Tanguy Le Calve (France)

players profile direct link


I didn’t see live commentary of games yesterday or today, it isn’t on or it’s only for registered users?

There is commentary again on the same twitch channel

I think it might’ve been on for most of the day yesterday 7 or more hours probably.

Edit: Actually even close to 10 hours although there was a big break in commentary where they left the game on. Vod below

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Did they start commentary mid-game?.. that’s weird. :woman_shrugging:

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Yeah I think they to wait for the game to progress a certain amount so there’s something to review.

They might comment on the current position initially but they do tend to go back to the start of games though.


Semi finals


Ilya Shikshin (Russia) – Ali Jabarin (Israel)


Artem Kachanovskyi (Ukraine) – Pavol Lisy (Slovakia)

players profile direct link

EGF championship page

There was a Facebook post suggesting

and checking again it says the same but with pictures now :slight_smile:

The semi-finals of the European Championship are starting today:

Ilya Shikshin 4p vs. Ali Jabarin 2p - 14:00 CET

Pavol Lisy 2p vs. Artem Kachanovskyi 2p - 18:00 CET

The games will be commented live by European professionals on the EGF Twitch channel:

For more information visit the official web page of the event: Online European Championship 2021

I feel like the EGF page might need to be updated? The Artem Pavol game is the same, but Ilya Ali is earlier?

The EGF web page is not updated yet, trust the insider’s information :wink:


Edited (with the facebook schedule)
2d edit (new schedule on 2d day on EGF website)
3d edit (3d day game, schedule from EGF website)

schedule semifinals

For the final games, there is a break of one day and then it’s still a bit of mistery for at what time they will play (14:00 CET is the only time given for the last of the three games)


After a thrilling two games, Ilya Shikshin 4p won the EGC for the 8th time with a score 2-0 against Artem Kachanovskyi 2p.

Game 1

Game 2


With a tie 1-1, the last game for the third place (and the last game of the european championship) between

Pavol Lisy (Slovakia) and Ali Jabarin (Israel)

will be held on the next day (the 5 dec CET)

Scheduled time is not yet defined on the EGF website.
Starting time same as yesterday. 2021-12-05T18:00:00Z

Here the last words from the second game chat:

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Ilya Shikshin 4p Wins Eighth European Championship: a report on the European Championship 2021, written by Artem Kachanovskyi and Jean-Yves Papazoglou