European Go Journal Announcements

Hello everyone! I’ve been promoting the European Go Journal in the other resources until a kind person told me the OGS has a forum too. So if you don’t mind - I will just post here some announcements about the European Go Journal, and of course, feel free to discuss or comment!

I saw a thread with shinuito writing about the Journal. That has been a very pleasant surprise!

I will start with the recent news. The July edition has been published at the beginning of August. Here are some highlights:

  • An interview with Alessandro Pace 4d, six-time Italian champion, a professional musician and composer, and a man who always dresses in yellow.
  • A review of the final game of the 76th Honinbo title match played between Shibano Toramaru 9p and Iyama Yuta 9p.
  • Commentary on the second game of the best-of-two match between Calvin Sun 1p and Oscar Vazquez 6d played in the Transatlantic Professional Go League.
  • The continuation of the Thirty-Six Stratagems by Dai Junfu 8d, illustrating tactics used in warfare through examples from games of go.
  • Breathtaking tesujis compiled by Alexander Dinerchtein 3p.

Pricing: €5 for digital copy (PDF), €15 for the printed version (delivery included).

If you would like to purchase a copy, send a message to Subscribe on Patreon to receive future editions automatically:

You will find some photos in this post on Reddit.

As I am new on this forum, feel free to let me know if I do something wrong :slight_smile:


You should share your sample article as well

Welcome to the forum. It’s the best!


Thank you! This place seems to be very active resource for go players’ discussions. It’s a pity I didnt know about it before. Since now I will try to post here news about the Journal as they appear.


Oh awesome that you’re advertising it here, i didnt even know about the journal! Subscribed for the printed version, cant wait to get it ^^

And congratulations for the 3rd place in the transatlantic league earlier today!


Thank you! That has been a tought match :sleeping:


Hey, welcome to the forums and congrats on the win!

I can keep going with the commentary on various issues for a while, or stop or tone it down if it’s giving away too much of the contents. I’ve tried to just give a flavour for what’s in it, and anything I found particularly interesting, and link a bit of news from the Patreon page or the EGF articles. I’ve been lagging a few issues behind on the comments, but I’ve been enjoying the journal so far.

Very tempted at some point to purchase the printed back issues, since I’ve only the digital versions, because they look so nice, but I would need to find a place to put/store them, like a new bookshelf.

We were playing through game 6 of the Honinbo title match, included with the June edition, at the local Go club the other day. I had fun trying to guess where Shibano Toramaru and Iyama Yuta were going to play :slight_smile:

Thanks again to you and the team for all the work that goes into the journal :slight_smile:


shinuito, it has been a nice surprise for me that somewhere people discuss the Journal - thank you very much! And of course no problem if you continue. Most important is not to copy-paste large pieces of the content. Copy-pasting several sentences is not bad and helps with giving a flavour of what is inside, as you said.

I plan to publish some teasers while preparing each issue of the Journal, like “in the August edition we will have this pro game reviewed” - each month in separate topic. It will be interesting for the people here as go news, and at the same time it will be a promotion for the Journal.

I dont mind if you join - by commenting in these topics created by me, or by continuing in the original topic that you used until now, or even both.

If you ever feel like buying printed editions, just let me know - we can arrange a payment of the difference in price between the digital edition and the printed one.


For the lovers of print production, Kim Ouweleen, aka Murugandi, created postcards and posters with the logo of the European Go Journal! They are available in various colors, with or without text.

If you want to get one - see the links below the pictures:

Postcards: European Go Journal Postcard Baduk Weiqi Go Game Quill | Etsy
Posters: European Go Journal Art Print / Poster Baduk Weiqi Go Game | Etsy


The European Go Journal now has a website!

On our website you can buy past editions and learn everything about the Journal. We plan to develop it into a true home for our project.

In the article on the EGF website we write about the highlights of the first half-year of running the Journal and announce the launch of the Journal’s website. To celebrate this event that is truly important for us, we have opened one of the articles from the past editions for free access: an interview with Mateusz Surma 2p. You will find it all in the article: European Go Journal: Progress Report and Announcement of Website


I take the liberty of reviving this thread to share this message from @artem92 on the EGJ website.

We wish Artem and all the Ukrainian people the best.


Thank you for publishing updates here :slight_smile: