Exciting New Tournament - Concept Stage - Thoughts please

This is what I have in mind. Please have a look and share your thoughts. Would you enjoy participating in such a tournament? Would you enjoy following the results? Any other thoughts.

Thankyou in advance for any feedback.

If the idea works well, I will try to have it adopted as a Site-Title tournament the following year and maybe extend it to the other two ladders as well.


I like this this a lot. This could very well be dine on all of the board sizes… and makes for an oppertunity to be called the best player on the server… a legitimate sote wide title that could have its own small benefits.

I think keeping it at around 8-10 would be wise. And… if done correctly, and with a littke persuasion you could make this in to a strwaming event on twitch. And get a reasonably good person to go over the games.

You could… if planned well in advamce have this as a live tournament. Which would bring in more interest again… but i drad to think about the organisation that such an event would take. As well as getting out there… but then that is what social media is for.

This…this all has very large potential… that could make OGS a more attractive server for more competarive online players. If planned well enoigh you could make a live event once or twice a year depending on commitments and such. In my opinion… its this sort of thing that can rwally make OGS the place to be to play go… maybe. As well as bring in some strong players.

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