Fake rank player : wins by timeout abuse (1s per move) Reporting him (ง°ل͜°)ง

So, :weary:

today i just played against a “10k” fake rank player, his skill is far worse than 10k (i won very easily), but thats not the problem !
The problem is ALL his wins are by timeout … (1s per move!!) (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)

Thats so unfair for other people who didnt see it for most
He is 1d already, and still wining rank…

see by yourself :roll_eyes: : https://online-go.com/player/483269/Xadzi1

i reported him, but i prefer to post here as well, maybe the people who lost rank against can get it corrected too ^^
your thoughts on it please ^^

people get tricked, see a game sample : https://online-go.com/game/10723058

if you still dont believe :slight_smile:
he was 10k 1 hour ago, only plays 9x9…

and the game i won against him today… no comment !! :slight_smile:

game link me vs him : https://online-go.com/game/10721878


Hmmm, that player’s qualities are probably more on the speed side. :slight_smile:

But if people want to play with such time limits (which I personally cannot understand), where is the problem? Do people just accept games without looking at the time limits?

I see that many people have played at least twice against this player. Why would they be doing that if they were unhappy?


well he is very unskilled, not even 20k.

i believe most people just didnt see the time :sob:
and those who lost wanted to gain back the rank they lost on ridiculous time conditions

edit : and even on speed play his plays are very poor :slight_smile: he just wins because his opponents timeout

he wins BY TIMEOUT (not by score, nothing related to skill, he just makes his opponents timeout with ridiculous settings^^) > 95% of his games…

oh ofc its only 9x9 btw :cold_sweat:

Does it make sense to allow 1 second per play? If not, what should be the proper, minimum setting for blitz? 5s? 10s?

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i dont think the problem is blitz, people should be free to do whatever they want :slightly_smiling_face:

however the problem is when its ranked and people get tricked because they didnt see it :slight_smile:

edit : so i think time should be displayed in wide at the lobby of the game, so that people can cancel it (there is the 5 min neutral time that doesnt show time of the game until you start it)


something like this

can we upvote it so that its suggested at the devs ^^

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also people really get tricked, see a game sample : https://online-go.com/game/10723058

he was hardly loosing, but won by timeout.
punish him !! :slight_smile:
but above all have a look at my suggestion for time displaying before game

In blitz play, speed is just as big of a necessary skill set as anything else. Keep in mind, he has to keep up with his crazy time settings just as much as his opponent!


1s/move doesn’t has anything to do with Go skills.

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And yet you lost to him in a game of go. I beg to differ with your conclusion.

I agree with BHydden.
Being good at Go isn’t just making the best moves, but it involves (usually) time management, manipulating your opponent, and maintaining awareness.
While this is, indeed, an underhanded trick, it does not break any rules and creates a situation where it is easy for the trickster to beat less aware players, although it is not absolutely sure that he will win.
Consider this an exercise in awareness.

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@BHydden @mekriff
The only thing 1s/move really says is. who can klick faster in a random pattern and/or who has the better/more stable connection.
It has nothing to do with time management, and even less with a game of GO


I agree. Imagine having a 1s rule in a real life game of Go. Doesn’t make any sense…

Then by all means, feel free to not accept their challenges. Who are you to say they aren’t allowed to play when they clearly have people willing to play and replay?


Where did I ever say that they aren’t allowed ?

do not misunderstand me. I do not mind people playing as they like.
I just stated my opinion about this particular gamestyle.

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I believe he/she is a go player, and I am one too. Whether they do it willingly or not, those people are participating in a scheme to falsify the ranking system. The issue is not so much that those people are tricked, but rather that the winner can then use his/her fake rank to trick other people who have faith in the system.

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no thats obviously unfair :slight_smile:

he is very very unskilled ^^ fast or slow his moves are very poor, he is 20k at best really :slight_smile:
i’m 18k and i won today against him without even trying ( he was 10k a few hours ago, now 2 dan lool) …, and it was 10s+10x10s so not slow game :

see by yourself his poor skill… https://online-go.com/game/10721878

what was weird is he played 1s per move while he had time, very poor quality moves, so i was curious until i saw the truth !

also its not people’s fault, when we play go we assume our opponent is gonna be respectful, especially if he has a (fake) high rank, in 100 games 80 people wont look, its just a waste of energy.

He is clearly guilty for wining by time out with 0 skill, not only one or 2 games, but basically ALL his games, oh and btw he is 1 dan … oh sorry 2 dan now ! only on 9x9 timeout… , dont put the blame on innocent people :slight_smile: and be fair ^^ whats not forbidden is not always ethical !!

I suggested that time settings are visible in lobby so that game can be cancelled, see my post earlier :slight_smile:


okay, I thought you were going to ban 1s/move, but making it visible in the lobby is something I can get behind.

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just look at our game !! he didnt even know when to pass lol :slight_smile:

made me waste time on 20 stupid moves for nothing … and now he is 2 dan !!

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