Fake rank player : wins by timeout abuse (1s per move) Reporting him (ง°ل͜°)ง

The thing is not about the game setting, he can play whatever time setting he want(it’s just like 10 min absolute time game with 1s buffer ). If he play properly with the 10 min+1s*5 setting then there’s no problem. The thing is he fill stones and that is against the proper go etiquette and against usual tournament rules.

I thing he should be banned for filling stones (not for the time setting). I won’t give an example, he’s basically filling stone in every game.

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exactly, and again i have no problem with 1s per move even though i find it stupid, but look at his skill !!

every game, total random style :slight_smile:

no no it’s not about skill it’s just wrong… lol

yes lol, when i say skill i mean his very super hyper ultra omega gigantic max power up to the sky yet not high enough suprasonicly mind blowing BAD SKILL (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)

i think the title of this thread is wrong and misdirecting.

Actually, the proposal is “show clearly the time settings in the lobby, to avoid explotative behaviour”.

If that were the title, I think this thread would be uncontroversial and supported.

It went off the rails in debating whether the person should be reported and the behaviour banned: that’s not likely to get a concensus.


I think there are two separate issues in this thread:

  1. proposal of showing time setting in lobby clearly to avoid confusion
  2. report/ban player who refuse to pass after the game have ended(which is what the player that OP showed was doing). I think it’s clear that what he’s doing is clearly unacceptable but when you start to mix other stuff in like what time setting he used… airbagging in people just get distracted. If you got matched to a player like this who refuse to end game and play moves in your eyes, it wouldn’t help even if you have 1 min byo yomi.

How is that not related to Go and Go skill?

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You play twice BECAUSE you are unhappy and looking for revenge.

Anyway a counter is pretty simple. Just play quick. Lose on the board and win by time. 2 can play at that game. Don’t think at all. It’s simply a competition of clicking faster.

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Thank you for exposing this. I believe in exposing trolls, sandbaggers, cheats, and even those who engage in what I guess could be called sharp practices. Call me cynical, but I doubt that you will find much consensus on the ethical side of the issue—it’s the times we live in. You have added to my collection of distasteful behaviors. I once considered starting a thread called “Troll Watch,” where people could post such things, but I decided it would be too controversial. Quite a lot of this sort of thing goes on. There have been several people who put out challenges that gave their opponent a large negative komi. The most clever was negative 70.5 under Chinese rules, which many people misread as the normal 7.5. Then there was the guy who regularly gave himself 9 handicap stone in a 9x9 game. He did get a lot of hopeful takers, even some repeats, though others were upset because they didn’t notice the handicap in the challenge. Perhaps the most original (a full-blown cheat) was the guy who massively flooded the game chat, causing his opponent’s computer to freeze, and leading to his win by timeout (there is a thread on this one; look up “flooding the chat” if you’re interested). Just think if all this ingenuity could be applied to the betterment of humankind…


loooool ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)

So someone told me they warned him and if he continues doing this he will be banned, but what about his rank… cant you make it back to 20k ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

This looks like a bug. Setting up a game with 1s per move time limit shouldn’t be possible. It has nothing to do with Go. This could be loosened up for not-ranked playouts, but for ranked games I’d suggest something like hard limit of 5s per move.

I completely don’t care about this particular player, but frustration of all his opponents is simply not worth it.


again, the problem is not time limit, if both players agree willingly on it, but he tricked his opponents who didnt know for most

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Do you want to play the ‘again’ game?

Again, this has nothing to do with Go skill. It’s not possible to play any reasonable game in this time and the best solution to this problem is systemic solution in which application restricts ridiculous settings.

I can play the game as long as you wish.

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again , i do agree its totally stupid to play at such speed, but if both agree on it i have no right to complain, its what i meant :slight_smile:

problem is one of the 2 players didnt know about it and lost by timeout unfairly :slight_smile:slight_smile:

a minimum time limit seems wise though :slight_smile: (and a maximum… lul )

but best of best is really to display time settings in game lobby before game starts (you only see neutral time), and when one player puts a stone you are panicked by short time so you dont even think on cancelling lol :slight_smile:


I do not disagree with you, I’m all for freedom of choice. But there will always be some arbitrary restrictions. Why not 0.5 second per move, or how about 7.34 second? I mean… if 2 players want to agree to that, why would we restrict them?

Displaying time settings, may, or may not solve the problem. But if we agree that 1 second per move time setting is ridiculous and, again, has nothing to do with Go game, then there is much simpler solution - constrain possible settings to something sane. Minimum of 5 is just a proposition that will with 2 lines of code, limits the frustration of many players in the future without adding any extra effort from admins.

Honestly, pesonally I’d even for futher simplification, and allow only multiples of 5, i.e. 5, 10, 15, etc. for byo-yomi. 5 seconds is not much worse than 1 second. I cannot imagine somewhere preferring 48 seconds over 50 for byo time. I’m not trying to suggest this solution, because you’ll always find players who’d complain - “Oh, but I only play 12 seconds per move games, you cannot take that option from me”. Ugh!


simplest solution would be:
ranked games have to be min. 5seconds/move, everything else is unranked


5s per move is still playable though, but not deep ^^
i think a consensus can be found on the minimal time ^^, but then what about random freezes and bad quality connection (ok you shouldnt play if you have it but it can happen to anyone anytime^^)

btw jokes aside i never played against you ^^ come (ง°ل͜°)ง me ^^

Hehe, I appreciate the amition :slight_smile: Get to 10k and I may give you a teaching lesson or two :wink:

Did you guys notice there’s 10 min main time in addition to the 1s/move byo yomi, so it’s just equivalent to a 10min absolute time game. So the player’s setting totally playable for 9*9. (I’ve played a 19 by 19 game with 100+ moves that ended in <10 min ,5s/move , bad quality but there’s definitely still reading involved ). It might be hard to find a cutoff for all combinations of main time+ byo.

The difference between 48s and 50s is negligible but I think there’s noticeable distinction between 3s, 5s, and 7s games though. 3s is literally just instinct, 5s I have time think about directions, 7s then there’s a little bit more time for reading.

edit:I misread the time settting there was 10s instead of 10 min main time, now it make sense…