Fast Correspondence 9x9 and Some Slower Ones

Last year (starting in September) I ran a series of

’Fast Corresp. 9x9 “Out-of-Ten”. Starts when full.

tournaments eg this one through The Nines group.

I am continuing that series this year with a little rebadging. They are now titled

Fast Correspondence 9x9 10player Round Robin. Starts when full.

eg this one:

and are now run through the Fast Correspondence group. As I did last year, my intention is to have one open to join more or less constantly. (I would like the auto-site-wide correspondence tournaments to work like that one day).

I am also experimenting with a slower version eg this one which has timing 3d + 1d up to 5d(No weekend pause) and those will be run through The Nines group and are open to provisional players.

I won’t be posting every time there is a new tournament so if you are interested, check the tournaments page or group page (Fast or Regular) corresponding to the one you are interested in.