Faulty clock

I received a complaint about a game I organised: game 23293183 where the black player lost by time-out. He said that after white’s last move L2 he clicked P7 in his last second and it was accepted on his computer. But then he still lost on time. Could it be because the server-time and user-time are not exactly coupled? Did this behaviour happen before?

It’s more likely latency between when he clicked (and his browser showed the stone placed) and the actual request being sent over the internet.


Polar-Bear, thanks for the answer. So I understand that it is the slow connection which can cause the discrepancy. Is there any remedy except not waiting till the last moment? I always look on in awe and admiration at the top players in our club who calmly think until the very last second before making a move and slapping the clock. It seems that is not such a good idea in Internet-go.

No, if the move doesn’t make it to the server before time runs out - which can be as fast as ~50ms or as slow as 400ms or longer, depending on your connection and the random whims of the internet - there’s nothing you can do.

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Right - leaving at least a second, actually, is prudent.

Note that your desktop or phone can also be busy doing something else in the background before it gets around to sending it - not often, but does happen.


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