Feature: Enhanced features for site supporters


I was thinking that site supporters should gain access to enhanced features. The first one that comes to mind is improved search.

Right now we can only search by user name. Would love to be able to search by Country, Real Name, and Rank.



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There are two parts to your idea: one is to implement advanced search feature and the other is to limit that feature to supporters only. I like the former but not the latter. Nagging people with ads is one thing, cutting out basic functionality is quite another. And I do think that having a list of players searcheable and sortable by various criteria belongs to basic functionality. I can’t think of many sites that do not provide that. I can understand charging money for premium content that requires constant effort to produce and/or maintain, like databases of current pro games on some sites, or exclusive video lessons… but I do not want to see OGS going that “unless you’re a paying member, you can only make 10 moves a day, participate in no more than one tournament simultaneously, you won’t be able to find anything on the site and we’ll delete your game records after a week” direction so many sites out there are taking.

I understand that your proposal is not going that far and it may sound like I’m overreacting… but, well, I find the recent developments alarming. Those ads had already forced me to choose between becoming a supporter and leaving and, for now, I decided to support the site… but I do not want anything from that other than switching the ads off and maybe receiving some shiny badge. Players who can’t or do not want to donate are not some parasites. They contribute to the site by playing, by reviewing games, by reporting bugs. A do not want to see them leaving and I do not want any unfair advantage over them. For example, I would get rid of faster vacation regeneration for supporters. I haven’t check if it had been toned down since the old OGS days, but it was way too generous back than, allowing a subscriber to effectively ignore the time limits.

Uh, this is turning into a long rant and goes offtopic… well, such are the ways of the Internet. Anyway, I’d better stop now. :mask:


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