Feature request: Conditional move after accepted undo request

I like to use conditional moves to speed up my games. However, in correspondence games, there is no way to set a conditional move if I make an undo request. If I could set up a move in preparation for the acceptance of the undo request, this could save days of waiting in some games.


Do you mean that this is already possible?

Haha most feature in that thread don’t exist (as is hinted in the title :grinning:)

Edit: FWIW, I would find this useful, in addition to conditional pass/score. (Others want conditional resign too, but I don’t understand that :joy: just resign lol)


No sorry, I put it in the features that will never be implemented thread because I suspect it’s just super low priority.

My feeling was that undos are pretty hard to justify in correspondence. There’s no time pressure, you have (generally) some confirmation of your click and in the exceptional case an undo should happen, well, it’s a correspondence game so no one is expecting it to finish any time soon anyway.

However, having said that, I totally agree with you. In fact my idea was to make it compulsory when an undo is requested in correspondance.